Immigration Applications will Soon Be “By Invitation Only”

Canada’s immigration program will have some important changes soon. ¬†Under a new “Express Entry” system potential immigrants in economic… Continue reading

Deportation – No Appeal Rights Sentences of Six Months

Deportation is now a lot easier.

Previously, if a permanent resident was convicted of a crime in Canada and received… Continue reading

It Is Getting More Expensive To Hire Foreign Workers

Employment and Social Development Canada (formerly HRDC) will now be charging $275 for a Labour Market Opinion. Most employers of… Continue reading

Big Fine For Misrepresentation


That is the amount of the fine given to a permanent resident who pled guilty to misrepresentation. Details of… Continue reading

RBC Effect – Hiring Foreign Workers Is Now More Expensive

The requirements for hiring foreign workers was recently changed. This is in the wake of the recent news that RBC… Continue reading

Citizenship Judge Charged With Citizenship Fraud

An immigration consultant was also charged.

The fraud involved copies of citizenship exams being supplied to a consultant to gain… Continue reading

Older, Better Educated Wife Means Immigration Fraud?

A man’s arranged marriage to his 25 year-old Pakistani wife was deemed a fake by immigration Canada. Why? One reason… Continue reading

Hope for Citizenship Application Delays

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration wants citizenship applications to be determined in 12 months or less. He also wants… Continue reading

Where Should The Spouse Apply For PR?

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about the sponsorship process. Today, I would like to talk about where to make the application.… Continue reading

Immigration For a Non-Canadian Spouse

Canadians who marry foreign nationals can sponsor the foreign national to become a permanent resident of Canada. Sponsorship involves agreeing… Continue reading